• Kat Ramirez

Three Reasons Why You Should Never Use Clickbait

Actualizado: 13 de mar de 2018

1. Ever heard of the boy who cried wolf?

Too many times I have read the title “I saw this video and it completely changed the way I saw the world” only to open it and watch a modestly interesting video explaining how being a nice person can get you more friends. After clicking and opening my fair share of these misleading headlines I no longer bother with opening links with similar headlines. I have taken an informal poll among my peers (18-24 demographic) and they have all told me very similar stories how they will go as far as deliberately not opening a clickbait link due to past experiences. As the story goes, if you do end up having great content nobody will be able to see it due to too many false promises.

2. It cheapens your brand

Have you ever heard of a company like Apple or Tesla publishing clickbait articles online to increase their brand awareness? I didn't think so. This is because truly engaging content will always beat out clickbait when going head to head. When your content actually engages a reader it will make the inevitable climb to prominence without the need of dishonest marketing tactics.

3. Trust is fragile

Promising someone that the link they are about to click on will “blow their mind!” or "change their life!" but continually letting them down will only lead to negative consequences. After your brand becomes known for such trends it will be increasingly difficult to clear your brand’s name of this dishonest strategy. The formulaic strategy of clickbait that has given such brands as buzzfeed a temporary boost in article viewership has simultaneously hurt the legitimacy of their articles. A buzzfeed article explaining the widespread impacts of global warming is not seen as an authentic and scholarly article but as simply an article whose only purpose is to draw you in to help the parent company's bottom line.

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