• Kat Ramirez

The Clash of Two Titians: Traditional vs Digital Marketing

Advertising can be very detailed work; not understanding the basic ins and outs of advertising can cause problems within your company. Knowing your target audience is very important in recognizing what form of advertising will produce the most benefits for your business. You have Traditional marketing which consists of billboards, commercial ads, radio ads, magazines and more. On the other side of that you have Digital marketing which is built on internet and social media perception of your business. While both of these forms of marketing can be extremely beneficial in the growth of a company they each also have the ability to deliver negative results if not used correctly.

Traditional marketing has quite a few pros that can be valuable in generating a name for your company. For instance, it is a form of marketing individuals can feel, hear, and interact with. Traditional marketing also gives you the option of face to face selling. Your consumers being given the opportunity to meet you as a salesman/woman in person can make them feel a sense of attachment and inclusion that will make them more open to purchasing what it is you are selling. On the other hand, there are also cons within this form of marketing. For one it can seem forced at times. No one wants to be forced into anything and once that vibe is picked up, the response rate for this type of marketing can have a very slow response rate. This form of marketing also has a lack of community. If a consumer does not feel an appreciation of community within a brand they will definitely not care about promotions for that company.

Then you have Digital marketing which has had a plethora of positive results for many businesses and brands. One reason this form of marketing is so successful is due to the fact that it gains higher conversation ratios than traditional marketing. Seeing that social media is tracked, and information is presented to consumers in a way where they can be exposed to it at their leisure, produces more responses overtime. With digital marketing there is always the opportunity to build a rapport with the idea of community. Seeing that the majority of the the income for numerous business comes from repeat sales, interacting and promoting to your target audience online will increase repeat sales. Think about it the most famous music artists have an extremely large fan base, why? They have built their brands around creating a community and interacting with their fans (consumers) on a regular basis. One significant negative side to the idea of digital marketing is it relies greatly on consumers being extremely active online. If you are trying to promote your business or product online, you have to be sure that your target audience has large social media presence otherwise it is a waste of time. If you were the owner of the life necklaces for the elderly, your best bet would be to use traditional marketing seeing that the majority of our senior citizens are not going to be on social media.

Traditional and Digital marketing can be very beneficial in getting a business off the ground, but being able to differentiate which form of marketing is best for your company is key. Knowing your target audience makes the decision of which type of marketing to use much easier. Marketing is strategic; throwing promotions together without considering all of these possibilities can be a waste of time and money for your business. If ultimate success is your end goal you have to understand that there are no short cuts. Putting in the necessary work will give you the best results.

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