• Kat Ramirez

Please Don't Expect Miracles!

There are two things I want to talk about today:

1 - If you build it, they will not come!

2 - Managing your expectations.

In all my years as an advertising consultant - meeting, teaching and selling advertising to thousands of businesses – I always seem to run into a large percentage of business owners who think if they build it everyone will magically gravitate to their business. The days of hoping people will find your business are OVER. Back in the day when you were the only one hoping worked, but these days you're competing with everyone (and I mean everyone) from your neighbor to anyone and everyone on the internet - which is worldwide.

Many business owners also hold the belief that if they build locally they won’t have to spend a lot of money on advertising because the community will support them just because. I'm sorry, but your community is distracted by all the options they have. You literally have to fight to get their attention! 

Finally, some business owners expect an immediate return as soon as they start advertising and I mean immediately like the next day or week.

These business owners actually think that when they advertise the floodgates are going to explode, people will be lined-up outside their doors and the phones will be ringing off the hook with anxious customers waiting to do business with them.

Please know that is NOT GOING to happen! 

Please don’t think this will ever be true, nor should any Advertising Rep tell you this will happen!

This is NOT realistic at all!  

In my 30-plus years of meeting and working with thousands of businesses in five different major markets the only way this happens or will happen is if you GIVE EVERYTHING away for FREE! If you advertise to your marketplace saying you're giving EVERYTHING AWAY for FREE and let everyone know the day and time you were going to do this …. then …. Yup, you'd have the floodgates going and people clamoring to break down the door itching to see what they can get for FREE! If you don’t believe me I dare you to try it! 😉 

Another alternative to stay in business while holding the same EXPECTATION of people clamoring at your door is to do a BLACK FRIDAY SALE every month, where everything is severely discounted let's say, 80% to ½ off everything. Hold on, is this really realistic just because you want or need immediate traffic? Would your business even be able to sustain something like this? 

This doesn't make good business-sense, none of the above is realistic. Businesses today need to be strategic and rational, they need to see the value in investing in a monthly advertising plan and commit.

I'm not sure where the delusion of immediate traffic after advertising comes from. Even when I meet with clients and explain to them advertising is a marathon not a sprint - meaning it takes a long time to build momentum similar to if you put money into your savings or invest in real estate, bonds and stocks – These things grow over time, your business is no different.

You're not going to get a big pot of gold overnight because you put some money in your savings account. The same stands true for advertising your business it takes time, consistency and commitment. Advertising is a strategically planned and necessary investment.

You pay rent so you can have a place to conduct business, the electric bill to keep your lights on, and your car payment so you can get around and insurance to ensure your property and business capital investments are secure. 

Advertising is the SAME thing! 

No different! 

Business owners need to understand advertising is a FIXED monthly investment they need in order for their business to survive and grow! If you stop your advertising investment you're basically saying you're planning your exit or you want to go out of business! 

Business owners who are patient and understand this dynamic will learn and see the rewards of their advertising investment. They still need to make sure their advertising investment is on the correct advertising platform that's the best fit for their business-budget to deliver the results and expectations they need.

Advertising works, but it has to be strategically planned and placed for the long run! 

So, let's recap in case you missed my message, advertising is a necessary investment for your business to grow and survive, manage your expectations and you'll get results just remain patient and realistic.

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The Robin Hood of Advertising!

Kat Ramirez

adBidtise helps businesses stand out, survive, succeed & grow with affordable, advertising options to fit your business needs and expectations!





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