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Google AdWords: How to Set Up & Start Google AdWords Campaign

Today, online marketing is the easiest way to grow businesses or companies. If you want to grow your business by start selling more products, Google’s online business platform; Google AdWords is the easiest way to do it. This guide can help you to learn all about Google AdWords.

What is Google AdWords?

First of all, Google AdWords is a powerful as well as a profitable system that displays brief advertisements, the services you are offering, product listing or even mobile application and video contents within Google’s network to website users.

What Google AdWords Can Get You?

  • Drive website visits.

  • Grow online sales.

  • Increase booking, signups.

  • Increase your website visitors with online ads.

  • Increase more customer's calls via advertisements and CTC (Call to Action) button.

  • Get more business clients and customers.

  • Easily find your services on Google.

How Google AdWords Works?

Well, the process is quite simple and straight-forward. When a user searching for the services/businesses like yours, AdWords will get your services in front of that following customer. The advertisers have to pay Google in order to show their ads as well have their website ranked at the top on Google’s first search result page.

Let’s say, if you invest $10k in Google AdWords, your sales can be increased and return 10x in ROI in a short period of time. Yeah, that’s right. AdWords is a performance-based process. All the matter is to do it the right way.

How to start Google AdWords Campaign?

Before starting AdWords Campaign, let’s talk about some basic factors that you need to know in order to use AdWords.

  • First of all, you need to select the key phrases or keywords that the users tend to search for. So that your ads can pop up.

  • AdWords count clicks, impression and click-through rate (CTR). CTR reveals the ads which are working well and which are not?

  • Set a budget and bid so you can control how much you want to spend for each click.

  • Try to get a good conversion rate (sell/lead)

What Factors Google AdWords Consider?

First of all, Google AdWords works with quality score metric. With this metric, Google can determine the quality of your services that you are offering the customers.

  1. AdWords also rely on keyword relevancy. For Example: If a user searches for mountain bike, then mountain bike reviews or mountain bike prices should show up than Yeti mountain bike. Don’t you think?

  2. The third factor AdWords are looking is CTR. Click-through-rate is obtained by the number of clicks divided by impressions. A higher amount of CTR defines that your ads and keywords relevancy is good than others.

  3. AdWords also consider advertiser's previous account history.

How to set up Google AdWords Campaign?

1. Account Set up Basics: In order to set up and display advertising on Google Ads, you have to create a Google Account. Then, search for or simply go to Google AdWords webpage (http://adwords.google.com/) then click on Start Now.

2. Type your mail address and password. Once you click on the start now button, you will be redirected to a new ad campaign page, which will ask about your main advertising goal.

3. Here, you can select your type of campaign. AdWords offering three types of campaigns, now. They are:

  • Get more calls.

  • Get more website sales or sign-ups.

  • Get more visits to your physical location.

4. After you choose your preferred advertising goal, you will be asked to create a campaign. If you are just a beginner, then I recommend you to skip this step, in case you are not familiar with this interface.

5. In the next step, you will be asked to describe your business. i.e. Business name and website.

6. From that point, In search option, you can define how people engage with your business, get clicks, sell products and generate leads. You can set up a radius or define your business areas and location here. Then you will be asked to choose your product.

7. After that, you will be promoted to write your ad. Pick keywords you want to show ads, wisely. I suggest you to analyze your competitors first to find out the keywords can be easy or hard? There are a ton of Keyword Research tools out there. You can use SEMRush or ahrefs to analyze your competitor’s keywords.

8. In the display portion, you can choose and extend where’s your ads will show up. This is very important because you can get better clicks.

9. After writing and setting up your ad, you will be asked to set your budget. Calculate and enter your own budget and bid.

10. After setting up the budget, business location, product keywords and write the first ads, you will be promoted to review your campaign setting again.

11. After successfully setting up the new AdWords campaign, you have to confirm your payment information, payment method.

12. Confirm your billing methods, setup and tracking conversion.

Check Advanced Settings

After setting up your AdWord account and basic campaign setting, check the advance setting. Here you can modify your ad delivery option. Initially, I suggest you to set up ads to rotate evenly. Because this method allows for more control over ad copy tests and allows your campaign to aggregate data before letting machine learning take over.

Conversion Tracking

You just successfully set up your ad. Now, it’s time to track ad conversion. Google Ads conversion tracking is free and it allows many features such as bidding and optimizing towards conversions. Conversion tracking also allows tracking a variety of different matrices such as phone calls, website actions, app installs and app actions, import from offline conversion metric.

How Google Ads Conversion Tracking Works?

While it works a bit differently for each type of conversion you must implement the Google Ads conversion tracking tag into the code of your website. For full implementation directions visit the Google Ads support site.

Statistics & Case Study

Google AdWords advertising is the greatest source of Google’s revenue. If advertisers pay $3 on advertising, Google gets $1. Statistics show that more than million companies or business organizations use Google AdWords to grow their business or product sales. More than 90% of Google’s revenue comes from Google AdWords.

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