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Efficient Way to Reach 95% of Americans

Transit Advertising Reaches 95% of Americans

Imagine a way to advertise that can reach everybody in your city and can be purchased affordably.  What you’re imagining is transit advertising.

The term “transit advertising” refers to placing ads on the exterior or interior of various forms of mass transportation.  Think of the signs you have seen on the sides of buses, inside bus shelters or on taxi cabs. Transit advertising can consist of printed picture signs, digital signs, bus wraps and more.

There are a number of distinct advantages to using transit advertising.  One of the greatest advantages of transit advertising is that it reaches a large and varied audience in a given area. Buses move through very busy parts of major cities all throughout the day.  Pedestrians on the sidewalk, passengers on the bus and drivers behind and next to the buses all see the advertisements.  It is estimated that more than 95% of Americans are reached by advertising on motor vehicles.  Transit advertising can reach any consumer that is outside!

Transit advertising is a great option for small and mid-sized businesses because it reaches a specific geographic area.  Companies trying to reach consumers in a particular market can benefit greatly from transit advertising.

Something that needs to be considered when utilizing transit advertising is that, many times, consumers only have a brief window of time to view the advertisements. A pedestrian may watch a bus pass them for only a few seconds before it is out of sight.  This means that advertisers need to create ads that are eye-catching and simple.  Using bright colors and captivating visuals can be beneficial.  Text should be fairly brief, but there is always room for a logo, slogan, phone number and website.

Also worth considering, transit advertising is very localized.  Advertisers hoping to reach audiences in multiple markets may need to work with more than one advertising agency to get transit advertising in various cities.

Transit advertising is a great way to reach a wide variety of consumers and offers a unique set of benefits to advertisers. Few other methods of advertising offer an easier and more affordable way of building local brand awareness. For more information on transit advertising, contact info@adbidtise.com to learn about transit advertising options available in your city.

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