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Don't Lie To Me

Actualizado: 29 de jul de 2019

Let me start by saying I SOLD Advertising for over 30 years! Yes, I was on the other side pitching and selling primarily Television Advertising ABC, CBS, NBC, WB, Telemundo and so on. Therefore, I know the routine and I know how I sold and how they (my competitors) sell, hell I was a Sales Manager I trained my team how to sell advertising in every market I was a manager at.

My personal style of selling was always consultative, I was very lucky to have had great leaders who were highly respected Advertising Sales Managers with excellent teaching skills. At the same time, I knew how my competitors sold and I knew every trick and sales tactic advertising people are trained and taught. When I sold advertising I always used this to my advantage by taking the high road and selling with integrity and empathy whereas my competitors were ready and willing to take every penny they could whether it made sense for the business they were talking to or not.

I was now victim to the Sleazy, Bait and Switch sales tactics that I would have thought were long gone by now and now only affirm and confirm why I do what I do as adBidtise. As adBidtise it is our job to vet out advertising options for our clients, to ensure we are getting them "The Best Bang for Their Advertising Dollars!" We place and negotiate all the advertising any of our clients may need for their business goals and based on their budget - whether SEO, Google Adwords, Graphic Design, Website Design, Digital Advertising, Traditional Advertising, Social Media Management, Video Production and so much more.

Advertising is already difficult, confusing, complicated and expensive - so throw that in with advertising salespeople who are going to tell you everything you want to hear. They will tell you that what they are selling is going to do all the things you want it to do for your business just to CLOSE you. They will only sell you the products they have because they need to sell it because of their corporate goals, their corporate initiatives, their personal budget, and their corporate bonuses.

Now pay attention - I have to share this story with you because this is WHY I am in business and why adBidtise was created and will continue to succeed and grow! 

I had a client that was interested in Direct Mail and they had a very strict budget.  

I talked to a few new vendors and low and behold ONE Person tells me on the phone "I CAN DO THAT!" and I said are you sure? I told them my price and what I needed and they said AGAIN "I CAN DO THAT ABSOLUTELY!" and then they INSISTED we meet immediately, I really did not have time to meet, I just needed to get this campaign done we had a deadline and we were pushing it to the limits.

This person came to the office and I ask OK let's get this Direct Mail going for our client what do you need from us? His immediate response was:




"WHAT!!!" I was pissed I needed to get this done and you are absolutely wasting my time! I wanted to walk out of the room. Everything he said from then on I DID NOT HEAR. I absolutely wanted to kick him out of my office and tell him to never call on us again for any Direct Mail Services.

NO NEVER would we EVER do business with someone like this! EVER!

We did find a vendor who was honest and willing to help us out and deliver what we needed for our client.

This is why adBidtise exists today - we protect, educate and advocate for small to mid-size businesses. We vet out all the advertising options that are available to you or presented to you to ensure you are getting a fair deal or it is what you need and not a lot of fluff or broken promises that will never deliver what you need to achieve your business goals.

"If this happens to me, a Seasoned Professional Advertising Expert - I know it happens to YOU!"

My advice to any business owner please question everything that is presented to you, try to understand and know what they are selling you and please tell your advertising partner what your expectations are so that you can hold them accountable. Advertising is a Marathon it takes time to get traction and gain momentum. Don't expect anything to deliver an immediate return unless you are going out of business and giving away everything. I hope this helps you understand a little more about advertising so you can make a good business decision when it comes to your advertising investment.

The Robin Hood of Advertising!


Kat Ramirez

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adBidtise helps businesses stand out, survive, succeed & grow with affordable, advertising options to fit your business needs and expectations! We offer free advertising analysis: www.calendly.com/adbidtise




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