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Bad Review, Bad for Business

Actualizado: 30 de sep de 2018

Reviews are they good to have, whether good or bad? 

Why you should get more reviews for your business because it is good for business!

There are many people who have built brands and businesses on the belief that all publicity is good publicity, but that is not the truth for every brand or business. In most cases a company’s reputation precedes them and if that reputation gets tarnished through certain circumstances such as receiving bad reviews, a business could lose business as a result of bad reviews. It is important for business owners to maintain their reputation to keep a solid customer following. 

There are company’s out there that have received lots of good and bad reviews on various platforms and would like to be able to remove the bad ones, but aren’t sure how to go about doing so or how to manage them. It is hard enough to get positive reviews it is usually really easy to get bad reviews.  How do you manage these reviews whether good or bad? Can you remove reviews that can possibly hurt your business? We have done some digging and came across numerous ways for you to manage your reviews.

Before we address these platforms please keep in mind that you need and want more reviews, it is good for your organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and it is good for your credibility to do business with more people. 

• Google Reviews – Google doesn’t allow reviews to be deleted but there is still a way to get around it. Remove your business from "Google Business Listing” so that the reviews or protests are whipped out and then add your business as a new listing.

• Yelp Reviews - Yelp is a little harder to manage than Google. You have to sign into your account and go to “about me” then reviews and your only option is to reply to the reviews.  Regardless if the review is good or bad you should reply to any review just make it good habit to.

• Facebook Reviews – Facebook is another platform that does not allow you to delete any reviews but they do allow you to respond to the reviews which is what you should do and make a good habit to whether good or bad reviews. You could also remove the Facebook business page and create a brand new page just keep in mind if you do this you will lose all your current followers.


• BBB Reviews – BBB is another platform that helps business get reviews and they advocate for consumers so they don't get scammed. On this platform you can respond to negative reviews and the BBB will help moderate the outcomes. Just keep in mind that the BBB is trying to protect the consumer.

These are a few places to get reviews there are so many more places based on your industry and marketplace. At the end of the day if you can get as many public reviews in various places this will help your SEO. 

By making sure that any of these platforms are being managed and you are responding to your reviews for your company can make a big difference in the long run. These are big resources that people use when they want to get an idea of what to expect if they chose to do business with you. You want those potential customers to feel that your business is trustworthy and they are making the best decision when considering your company as a partner, place of business to shop or just someone to call.

We hope this information is helpful to you, please keep us in mind with all your advertising needs, we want to be a resource to you. Start your free listing on adBidtise Connect and start getting Good Reviews, please go to www.adbidtise.info

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