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What's the Difference between Facebook Likes and Facebook Followers?

Actualizado: 17 de sep de 2019

When a customer views your business page on facebook they essentially have four options: They can like your page, follow it, do both, or choose neither. You may think, “Woohoo! I got another like!” or “Yay! 30 more followers this week!”

But what’s the difference between likes and follows, and which one should you really be more excited about?

Likes vs. Followers

A like is a person who has chosen to attach themselves to your business page as a fan.

A follower is a person has chosen to receive the updates that you post in their news feed.

By default, when a person likes your business page they are automatically following it, and vice versa when they follow. However, they can manually choose to unfollow, meaning they’ll show up on your list of people who like your page but won’t see your content on their feed. On the other hand they can choose to follow you but then manually unlike your page because they don’t want others to see they are associated with it.

Liked, but not Following

These customers or potential customers show up on your list of “Likes,” but won’t see content posted by your page.

Liked and Following

These customers or potential customers will see your posts on their personal news feeds based on factors related to their engagement with your Page, how old your posts are, etc.

Most Valuable - Liked and “View First” Follow.

People who elect this option are clearly more engaged than the rest of those who have followed or just liked your Page. They made a decision to seek out your Facebook Page and like it. They basically overrode the whole Facebook algorithm by telling Facebook to put your Page posts at the top of their feed. Cater your content to these people!

Don’t Forget About Engagement

It doesn’t matter if you have 100,000 likes or followers. If they aren’t reading, watching, and clicking your content what’s the point? Social Media Management is one way you can improve your Engagement Rate (Reach/Number of Engagements).

Here at adBidtise we have a team of Social Media Managers who work across multiple social platforms increasing our clients’ customer base and brand awareness. We measure Engagement Rates and collaborate with you to produce video, posts, photos, and call to actions for your business. Check out adBidtise Facebook Page’s content that we grew organically to over 3,000 followers.

Do you want to grow your followers or likes?

adBidtise helping businesses Stand Out, Survive, Succeed & Grow with affordable advertising options.

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