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Advertising Options

What is the definition of advertising? The noun definition is – the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercials or services. The verb definition is – to draw attention to a product, service, or event in a public medium in order to promote sales, attendance, or awareness.            Synonyms: publicize, make public, make known, announce, broadcast, proclaim, call attention to, promote, market, push, plug, hype, boost and so on.What is the definition of options? The noun definition is – The freedom, power, or right to choose something.            Synonyms: Choice, alternative, power to choose, right to choose.What are the available advertising options in your marketplace? Television, Radio, Newspaper, Trade Magazines, Billboards, Cable, Bus Stops, Direct Mail, Hispanic Media, Internet Banner ads, Internet SEO, Movie Theaters, Mobile Marketing, Point of Sale, Community Sponsorships, Tradeshows, Sports Marketing, Social Marketing, Viral Marketing, Display Marketing, Magazines, Community newspapers, Product Placement, Hotel Marketing, Newsletters, Websites, Web Directories, Guerrilla Marketing and so on. Please keep in mind that in everyone of these categories there are lots of subcategories of advertising opportunities so the list really does go on and on. Today, there are so many advertising options available to every small to mid-size business.  There is absolutely no way a business would even know where to start to seek all the advertising options on their own.  adBidtise is a virtual advertising marketplace to deliver every possible advertising option available to businesses today.  We do the foot work and find all the advertising options available to you in your marketplace.  We know advertising does work, it just has to be the right FIT for your needs and expectations in order for it to be “The Biggest Bang for Your Buck!” adBidtise is a resource for all your advertising needs. We are here to be your advertising partner and deliver every possible advertising option that is available to you, so that you can make a good business decision when it comes to advertising for your business. 

Advertising doesn’t have to be mainstream media for it to work and it doesn’t have to break your bank for it to work, it just has to be the right fit for your needs and expectation.  Thus why you should know all of the advertising options that are available to you in your marketplace! adBidtise is a safe pressure free virtual advertising marketplace that is setup with your best interest in mind.  We empower business owners to know all of their advertising options, so that you can properly plan, research, and compare all advertising options in order to execute the best advertising option for your needs and expectations. We also have internal support, if at any time you are in need of assistance or guidance please feel free to contact us via email or toll free number and we will help you determine the best advertising fit for your needs and expectations.

"Doing Business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark.  You know what you are doing but nobody else does!"~Steuart Henderson Britt

Katherine Ramirez

Advertising Guru




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