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adBidtise debuts on "The Biz Connection Radio Show"

MILWAUKEE, WI- With a vision to help the 50% of small businesses that fail within the first year come to an end, CEO Katherine Ramirez founded adBidtise in 2014. She recently joined “The Biz Connection Radio Show” to talk about how small businesses should think strategically with it comes to advertising. She consults with businesses today to help them find advertising that meets their specific budget needs to achieve their business goals.  

“Businesses only have 2 options to survive. They can either do it themselves by pounding the pavement and knocking on doors or making tons of calls to drag customers to their place of business or they can pay someone either a sales person or some form of advertising. There is no 3rd option, if they choose to do neither – THEY WILL FAIL!” ~Kat advises.

Kat’s favorite quote from one of her favorite business leaders, Warren Buffet says, “Any business that is not bringing in new business, is going Out of Business!” adBidtise’s mission is to help businesses survive, succeed and grow by educating & empowering small to mid size businesses about advertising, how it works and how it can help their business survive, succeed and grow. 


Katherine Ramirez - With nearly three decades of advertising and marketing experience, Ramirez offers her credible expertise in advertising consultation and is respected in the advertising arena among her peers. Currently serving as an innovative CEO she is able to offer small to mid sized business ways to stand out on limited budgets by helping businesses think strategically about their advertising. Her goal is to make sure that no business is left behind with no options to grow their business through advertising and marketing because of affordability.  


“The Biz Connection Radio Show” - Hosts, Jim Rosetti and Ron Nielson have the same idea in mind when talking to businesses they focus on guest who have a mission to help businesses succeed. Their mission is to educate, motivate, inspire and empower listeners. They stated, “We want to create a forum that is interactive in the business community”. The Biz Connection Radio believes that behind all businesses there is always a story to tell.  When talking to their guests they are able to learn about their guests, what has worked and what hasn’t. They hope that businesses can learn from not only their mistakes but prevent future mistakes by listening to the experiences of their guests as well. 


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